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Program Distributions (including source code and example data):

Attention Windows VISTA/7/8/10 users: The Windows installer has not been updated in a long time, so the default installation location for ProtoFit 2.1 rev1 and earlier will not work properly with the "newer" versions of Windows. To correct this, enter C:\ProtoFit instead of the default C:\Program Files\ProtoFit when the installer asks you to "Select Destination Directory." Otherwise, ProtoFit will not run correctly.

Visit the Documentation page for User's Guide and other documentation

Link to downloads of older versions and older documentation

Supporting Software:

The Microsoft Windows and x86 Linux versions are ready to run, and requires no additional software to be installed.

The source version (should be able to run on most popular unixes, incl. Mac OS X) also requires the following software:

Suitable Fortran Compilers that can be used freely:

Most users of ProtoFit will probably not need to use a Fortran compiler to compile the program. However, users of the source version, or those that wish to modify the ProtoFit Fortran code will need a Fortran-90, Fortran-95, or F compiler: