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Bacterial Proton Binding Database

Supplemental material for the paper

Borrok, D., Turner, B. F., and Fein, J. B. (2005) A universal surface complexation framework for modeling proton binding onto bacterial surfaces in geologic settings. American Journal of Science 305, 826-853.

The database is comprised of 227 data sets of potentiometric titration of bacterial consortia, individual bacteria species, and bacterial isolates. Individual species include Bacillus licheniformis, Bacillus megaturium, Bacillus subtilis, E. coli, Klebsiella oxytoca, Micrococcus ludeus, Pseudomonas mendocina, Pseudomonas putida, Rhodococcus erythropolis, S. aureus, Shewanella oneidensis, Shewanella putrefaciens, Spherotilus natans, Sporosarcina urea, Streptocacous faecalis, and others. Acid-base titrations were conducted over a wide range of ionic strength conditions, ranging from 0.001 to 1.0 M.

Data is potentially useful for surface complexation modeling, investigation of proton buffering capacity contributed by organic functional groups, and investigation of proton exchange behaviors of microbial surfaces.

Download the database (227 data sets):

Questions regarding the spreadsheet version of the database should be directed to David Borrok.

Collection of ProtoFit data files (173 data sets):

This collection is comprised of the 173 data sets where sufficient information was available for the creation of data files for the computer program ProtoFit. ProtoFit is a computer tool for analysis and visualization of potentiometric titration data, and optimization and simulation of surface proton binding models.

Questions regarding the ProtoFit data files should be directed to Benjamin F. Turner.

Modified ProtoFit source code with data files:

A modified version of ProtoFit was used in the paper to calculate proton exchange site concentrations at fixed pK values. A script is included that runs the modified version of ProtoFit for each of the 173 data files and tabulates the results.

Questions regarding the ProtoFit data files should be directed to Benjamin F. Turner.

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